New Accounting Standard

Govt Advises New Accounting Standard, Successful 1st April

Organizations should embrace more detailed income acknowledgment ways from 1st April as the government has told another accounting standard.

The Corporate Affairs Ministry has told Ind AS (Indian Accounting Standard) 115 which would be successful from the new financial year, beginning Sunday.

As indicated by specialists, Ind AS 115 will help in a more clear accounting of incomes and affect organizations working in differing parts, including technology telecom and real estate.

The goal of Ind AS 115 is to build up the rules that an entity should apply to report valuable data to clients of financial explanations about the nature, timing, amount and vulnerability of income and cash flow emerging from an agreement with a client, according to the ministry’s notice.

The standard requires an entity to perceive income “to delineate the transfer of guaranteed goods or services to clients in an amount that reflects the thought to which the entity hopes to be entitled in return for those products or services”, it noted.

When it is in compel, the other two benchmarks Ind AS 18 and 11, which are identified with income and development contracts, would be pulled back.

Prime consultancy EY India said the impact of Ind AS 115 on entities would differ and some may confront huge changes in income acknowledgment.

Previous ICAI President Manoj Fadnis said Ind AS 115 would help in having “more exact and clear accounting” ways. However, organizations may confront challenges in actualizing the standard in the main quarter of the financial year, he included.

Sandip, Khetan, National Leader and Partner (Financial Accounting Advisory Services) at EY India said Ind AS 115 is going to essentially change the income of organizations particularly in segments like EPC, mining and metals, technology, eCommerce, telecom, and real estate.

“The standard is probably going to influence the estimation, recognition…and exposure of income, which is normally an entity’s most vital financial execution marker acutely investigated by investors and investigators,” he said.

Ashish Gupta, Director at Grant Thornton Advisory Pvt Ltd, said the notification is an appreciated advance towards adjusting the new standard to the worldwide adoption of IFRS 15.

“Organizations in all circles, producing, services, technology, foundation, might be affected as there are huge new ideas on the acknowledgment, estimation of income and exposure of extra data,” he said.

Ind AS is met with IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).

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