Accounting Professionals

No CAs in Centre’s New Regulatory Body for Accounting Experts

The Center’s new body to direct accounting and audit experts, the NFRA (National Financial Regulatory Authority), won’t have any description from CA (Chartered Accountants). This is primarily meant to guarantee that direction isn’t damaged by any dispute…


Infosys Says Not Named In FIR In Income Tax Fraud Case

IT major Infosys Limited has cleared up that the organization has not been named as a charged party in FIR (First Information…


U.S. Charges Accountants of Trying to Game Reviews of KPMG Audits

Five previous employees of KPMG and the last government accountant have been accused by federal prosecutors. Federal prosecutors of taking part…


Accounting Investigation Adds to Challenges Facing General Electric

There is an old joke around an executive looking to recruit another accountant. He asks every applicant: “What is one in…

Advance Tax

Are You Liable for Advance Tax Payment? Here’s All You Need to Know

As we move closer to end of the financial year, it is mandatory for us to check and ensure that all…

iTunes gift cards

Treasury Department Warns Against Scammers Via iTunes Gift Cards

As tax day rapidly approaches in the United States, scammers are increasing their attempt to cheat Americans out of their cash….

Secure Information

Financial Services Provider Attempting to Secure Information Efficiently

New research from Claranet financial services provider has discovered that many organizations are still not managing with their information. The…

Financial Services

FreedomPop moves into financial services, in partnership with Prudential

“Free” mobile startup service FreedomPop is taking an unpredictable strategic side-road to grow into a totally unique area: financial services. The…

Small and Medium businesses

Small and Medium Businesses Get a Shot in the Arm in Budget 2018

The Small and Medium businesses division forms the foundation of Indian economy and in a Budget that would be the last…

Account Based Marketing

Don’t Let the Hype Around Account Based Marketing Confuse You

You’ve possibly heard a lot about Account Based Marketing(ABM). It’s the most recent trend to make a large buzz in advertising….