Private Companies

Private Companies Falling Behind on New Accounting Standards

Most private companies haven’t gained important ground planning to embrace the new income acknowledgment and rent accounting standards, as a new survey. The report, by the counseling firm MorganFranklin, surveyed about 70 fund…

Advanced Hotel Accounting Software

Advantages of Advanced Hotel Accounting Software For Your Business

Hotel accounting is a standout amongst the most critical regions of a hotel management. Accounting in the hotel business has proceeded…

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Boon or Bane to the Accounting Profession?

ICAEW’s IT Faculty speaks to represents accountants’ IT-related interests and aptitude encourages those in business to stay up to date with…

Xero Tests Securing Accounting Data to Bitcoin Blockchain Using Tierion

Xero Tests Securing Accounting Data to Bitcoin Blockchain Using Tierion

Xero cloud-based accounting software company recently tried Tierion’s Chainpoint for securing accounting information by tying down it to the Bitcoin blockchain….

Accounting Class

Accounting Class Action Suits Hit Record Levels

Securities accounting class-activity filings containing accounting related claims achieved uncommon heights a year ago, although the all over settlement value declined…

Accounting Podcast

Future of Accounting Podcast 2018 Tour

Accounting expert Danetha Doe is taking her “Future of Accounting podcast” on a visit. The visit, which will hit six U.S….

Greatest Financial Scandals

Top 5 Greatest Financial Scandals of All Time

Whenever millions, or even billions, of dollars, are up for snatches, a few people will play filthy to get their hands…

Fresh Graduate Accountants

Things Fresh Certified Accountants Should Do to Prepare for Their Future Career

If you’ve recently picked up your accounting capability then the first thing to state is – well done. Accountants have worked…

Blockchain Accounting

Coalition Structures to Wrestle Blockchain Accounting Issues

A group of accounting and tax experts has built up a grassroots coalition to get their arms around accounting blockchain and…

Crypto Income Tax

Accounting Method Impacts Crypto Income Tax Charges

Many crypto dealers confront large tax bills for 2017. Which accounting strategy they apply could change their crypto income tax charges…

Digital Accounting

SMEs Save Up to £17k Using Digital Accounting

The Office of National Statistics appraises that the UK profitability hole – the contrast between yield every hour worked pre-and post-the…