GST Tax Rate

GST One of the Most Complex, Has Second Highest Tax Rate

The GST (Goods and Services Tax) actualized by the PM, Narendra Modi from 1 July, a year…

Internal Audit

How Internal Audit Can Boost by Huge Technology

Quick technological headways represent an important challenge to internal audit role at associations of all sizes.

Accounting Bodies

Accounting Bodies Lobby Government on QROP Problems

In light of the government’s interview on access to superannuation, one of the main accounting bodies has…

Hiring a Tax Accountant

Best Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tax Accountant

While hiring for a tax accountant, you clearly need somebody who saves your well-deserved cash and encourages…

Ikooba Technologies

ikooba Technologies Launch Accounting Software to Boost Business

With the launch of the BMAC (Business Measurement Accuracy and Collaboration) in the online accounting software market….

Future accountants

Developing the Future Accountants

In the current months, such huge numbers of radical yet vital activities have emerged in the way…

Accounting Experts

Deal Signed Between ICAS and US Accounting Experts

In the first understanding of its kind, the ICAS (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland) has concurred…


Accounting Watchdogs Find ‘Critical Problems’ at 40% of Audits

Accounting watchdogs recognized major issues at 40%of the audits they examined a year ago and climbing new…


Deloitte Pays U.K. Women 43% Less Than Men

Deloitte LLP U.K. department said its female staff is paid 43.2% less overall than male employees -…

Accounting Professionals

No CAs in Centre’s New Regulatory Body for Accounting Experts

The Center’s new body to direct accounting and audit experts, the NFRA (National Financial Regulatory Authority), won’t…