Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Boon or Bane to the Accounting Profession?

ICAEW’s IT Faculty speaks to represents accountants’ IT-related interests and aptitude encourages those in business to stay…

Xero Tests Securing Accounting Data to Bitcoin Blockchain Using Tierion

Xero Tests Securing Accounting Data to Bitcoin Blockchain Using Tierion

Xero cloud-based accounting software company recently tried Tierion’s Chainpoint for securing accounting information by tying down it…

Accounting Podcast

Future of Accounting Podcast 2018 Tour

Accounting expert Danetha Doe is taking her “Future of Accounting podcast” on a visit. The visit, which…

Crypto Income Tax

Accounting Method Impacts Crypto Income Tax Charges

Many crypto dealers confront large tax bills for 2017. Which accounting strategy they apply could change their…

Digital Accounting

SMEs Save Up to £17k Using Digital Accounting

The Office of National Statistics appraises that the UK profitability hole – the contrast between yield every…

Government and GST Software

The Government and GST Software: A Unified Approach to Facilitate E-way Bill

The GSTN (Goods and Services Tax Network) is the pillar of the new taxation system. It has…


Standards Set For Cryptocurrency Accounting In Belarus

Belarus is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, home to a populace of only 9 Million people….

Internal Audit

How Internal Audit Can Boost by Huge Technology

Quick technological headways represent an important challenge to internal audit role at associations of all sizes.

Ikooba Technologies

ikooba Technologies Launch Accounting Software to Boost Business

With the launch of the BMAC (Business Measurement Accuracy and Collaboration) in the online accounting software market….


Eight Tax Officers to Handle GST – Related Queries on Twitter

The Finance Ministry has selected best eight officers to deal with GST related inquiries on the social…