Eight Tax Officers to Handle GST – Related Queries on Twitter

The Finance Ministry has selected best eight officers to deal with GST related inquiries on the social media platform Twitter. A ministry official has said the choice was taken as measure questions were raised through social media platform. The tax officers who have been appointed for the purpose are all Assistant Commissioners.

The officers – every one of them assistant commissioners have been select over neighboring commissionrates under the ministry.

Check out the list given below for tax officers who handle GST related queries on Twitter: Raj Karan Agarwal (Assistant Commissioner, GST Gurugram), Rajni Sharma, Raunaq Jamil Ansari (Assistant Commissioner, Central Government), Shantanu, Bullo Mamu, Heera Lal, Manish Chaudhary and Anshika Agarwal.

“GST is advancing procedure. Though I have experienced every one of the materials accessible, what’s wrong in explaining them with my associates out there? End of the day it’s a fellowship and the explanation we give should be agreement one”, said one of the officials who did not want to be named.

“We will attempt this agreement building exercise for seven days in the social media, at that point we will deal with the inquiries public will post. Just one more week of hardship. I am sure public will contribute with us like they have been doing from July first, GST launch date,” said another officer who was a spectator for the duration of the day to enhance his own GST information.

“The choice to choose the officers was taken as many questions have been raised through social media platforms.” a senior finance ministry official said.

These expert officers will give online answers to questions which will be identified with the GST.


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